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Vinyasa flow

In this class you will find a balance between strength and flexibility, inviting the body and mind to flow with healthy alignment and connecting the body with breath. We will practice synchronizing breath with movement while transitioning from one pose to the next in a mindful way. The class will strengthen your body and mind alike and will leave you feeling balanced.

Instructor: Reika Shucart

Length: 1 hour

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Pre-climb strength session

Muscle activation is important for optimal performance. This strength and conditioning class is perfect if you want to have a warm up that will allow you to advance your usable strength, as well as become more efficient in your overall biomechanics during your climbs.

Instructor: Joanne Cayabyab

Length: 30 minutes

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Post-climb strength session

This recovery session is designed to help restore your movement patterns, as well as integrate a unique movement of strength training into your post-climbing regiment. You will receive a proper assessment and education on a long-term plan of care for your post-climbing routine.

Instructor: Joanne Cayabyab

Length: 30 minutes

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Traditional Pilates

A traditional Pilates mat class that uses your own body to increase strength & flexibility through balance, coordination and agility. Great for all levels. Beginners are welcome!

Instructor: Shelby Gonzales

Length: 30 minutes

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Kundalini + Astrology

Kundalini yoga is a lineage based yoga consisting of a Kriya (physical practice), Mantra (sacred words), Pranyama (breath) and deep meditation. In this class we will use the sacred teachings given by Yogi Bhajan to find true consciousness and awareness. This class will change old thought patterns that no longer serve you. You will experience your truest self. This class will also inform you on the astrological shifts that are currently taking place . All levels are welcome, may you become your own greatest teacher, Sat Nam.

Instructor: Shea Hardiman

Length: 1 hour

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Power Vinyasa Flow

All level vinyasa flow connecting physical yoga posses to breath. Build mental & physical strength, increase mobility, build internal heat, activate your core, and enhance your awareness through moving meditation. All levels welcome.

Instructor: Michelle Schmidt

Length: 1 hour

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Warming Up to Yoga & Empower Vinyasa

Warming Up To Yoga: While great for beginners, this is an All-Levels class that focuses on the alignment and integrity of asana practice. Slow doesn't mean easy! There will be opportunities for advanced variations. Expect to hold postures for 10-20 breaths while we build heat for deeper stretch at the end of class.

Empower Vinyasa: Invigorating practice offering advanced variations of poses while providing alignment cues and opportunities to build up to those poses safely. (Level 2/3, not for beginners)

Instructor: Coutney Morra

Length: Each Class 1 hour.

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All Levels Power Vinyasa

In this energetic form of yoga you will find strength, balance, flexibility and endurance by flowing through postures connecting breath with movement. This class will challenge you with fun balancing postures, strengthen your core, improve body awareness, while releasing any stress and tension in your body. There will be options for modifications that will be accessible to yogis of all levels.

Instructor: Kristine Calderon